Maintenance-free Battery Special Offer!

Flanagan and Sun GP122000 AGM Battery Special Offer!

12V200AH touched up

Flanagan and Sun Inc is taking orders for the next manufacturing run of maintenance free AGM batteries. These batteries are a deep cycle, maintenance-free, inherently freeze protected, non-spillable sealed lead-acid battery.

We are offering a special price $425 plus HST for a 12V 210Ah for customers who pre-order with a 50% deposit. The regular price is $475 plus HST.

For comparison to other manufactuers …

Brand Capacity (kWh) MSRP
Flanagan and Sun GP122000 2.5 $475.00
Surrette S6-460AGM 2.5 $690.00
Stark SRK-121AGM (2 batteries) 2.4 $518.00
Deka / East Penn 8A4D 2.4 $660.00
Outback OB-200RE 2.4 $1018.00

You will be able to specify the quantity that you require once you click the “Add to Cart” button below.

Orders must be placed by March 24, 2016 to receive the discounted price. Batteries will be available in May.

Specifications …

Absorb voltage 14.1V to 14.4V
Float voltage 13.5V to 13.8V
Dimensions: 522 (L) x 238 (W) x 218 (H) x 225 (T.H.) mm
Weight: 65kg
Capacity at 20h rate is 210Ah at 12V