Camp or Cottage System

Off-grid Systems

Need power at your camp or cottage? Tired of continuously buying fuel for your noisy generator? Is the cost of bringing in grid power out of hand? Flanagan and Sun offers an attractive alternative to power up your camp, cottage or home.

Depending on your consumption needs, a complete renewable energy system can be purchased for as little as $1400.  This cost includes all of the components (photovoltaic-solar panel, racking, charge controller & inverter, battery bank, wiring) you need to install the system at your camp. Additional charges will apply for larger systems and professional installation.

Now, before you get too excited and decide to disconnect from your electrical utility and go off-grid, you need to realize that trying to convert a typical house to run off-grid is not feasible. Off-grid systems are very well-suited to situations with very low electrical requirements. The average house uses many times more electrical energy than is practical for an off-grid system. If you are designing / building a new house that will be extremely energy efficient (it doesn’t have to be straw bale, but that would be an excellent starting point!), that is a different story … give us call and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

The first step in determining what system best suits your needs, we need to consider all of the electrical loads that you are using or plan to use in the future. Using an energy needs assessment tool (which can be found on our Calculators page), we can determine your estimated average daily energy requirement (in kWh) and your peak power needs (in kW). Knowing those two things allows us to size the battery bank and solar array (which then determines the rest of the components such as the charge controller, combiner boxes, racking system, wire sizes, and inverter). If that all sounds a little too complicated, don’t worry, we do it for you!

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