You can purchase all of your renewable energy supplies through Flanagan and Sun. We offer a variety of quality products that can be used to power a system that works for you. These include photovoltaics, solar heating, wind energy, microhydro, inverters, generators, batteries, charge controllers and energy efficient appliances.

For detailed pricing on individual components or whole systems, contact Flanagan and Sun.

Small Camp or Cottage System

  • Tired of listening to your generator run at your camp / cottage? Tired of constantly refilling the tank on the generator?
  • Flanagan and Sun can custom design an off-grid solar system to meet your needs!

Solar Power Pool Pump

  • At the current price of electricity, a typical pool pump will cost over $550 per season
  • Within 5 years, with the increase in electricity cost, it will be over $1000 per season
  • A solar surface pump system will cost $0 to run

Garage Sale

  • Looking for a bargain?
  • Overstock, returned, demonstration units, and used components
  • Have fun rummaging!


Please contact us to discuss your options or place an order.