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Renewable Options for Grid Connection – Flanagan and Sun Inc

All of the solar generation is put directly into the electrical grid
Solar energy is purchased by the government through the local utility company at a premium rate
Highest return on investment for grid connection options

Hybrid Grid-tie with Battery
You use the solar energy for household loads and only draw on the grid as needed
Provides more independence from the grid – system can provide power for household during grid failures

Net Metering
The solar energy runs your electrical meter in reverse to reduce your net electricity consumption
Excess production is not purchased by the utility, although energy credits can be carried forward to the next month
Most appropriate for households that already have a microFIT system and want to do more

FIT Projects
Any system above 10kW is considered a FIT project rather than a microFIT.
FIT projects are much more involved than microFIT projects and contracts are offered to applicants based on a priority point system.
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